Facial Recognition Time Clock with Temperature Detection

01/17/2021 11:52 AM By Dave Bogart

Touchless Facial Recognition Time Clock System

TimeTrak’s new facial recognition time clock system with an optional thermal scanner is the ideal time and attendance solution to ensure the safety of your employees. This time clock features the very latest in face recognition technology which includes a face-mask detection option. The thermal scanner works in conjunction with the time clock and can prevent potentially sick employees from clocking IN for work.

Touchless technology ensures safety is a top priority.
facial recognition with thermal scan
essInfoTouch Facial Recognition

Thermal Scan Time Clock for Covid-19 Prevention

Facial recognition terminals are the modern solution to tracking employee attendance. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Touch-Free employee time clocks make it easy for employees to clock in and out while ensuring the safety of your employees by helping to stop the spread of Covid-19

  • Facial biometric identification up to 6000 users
  • Identify registered users in less than one second
  • Multi-dimensional facial recognition technology
  • Intelligent algorithm which self-adjusts templates with any feature changes in the user’s appearance
  • Adapts to low light and environments
  • Optional Mask* detection technology to identify if an employee is wearing a mask.
                  *Mask detection technology coming soon!
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