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time and attendance
Supervisor Dashboard

Employee Time and Attendance

The TimeTrak productivity suite helps you by automating your employee scheduling, time clock data collection, daily exceptions, payable hours, review, editing, and approval processes to facilitate a quick and reliable transfer to the payroll provider of your choice. Built-in parameterization allows our customers to establish pay rules quickly; making it easy to adapt the system to your needs without expensive custom programming.

labor analytics
Labor Reporting

Labor Analytics & Reporting

Real time access to labor data is now affordable for every business regardless of size. You can rely on up to the minute information and details on employee activities to accurately assess progress toward goals. The TimeTrak software provides several choices of real time data collection terminals, solutions and software tools.

benefit accruals
Employee Accruals

Employee Benefit Accruals

The Accruals Earnings Module can serve as the master for benefit time, or it can import on a pay period basis, updating available hours from the HR system. Use the Accruals Earnings Module to generate benefit time earned, as well as deduct time taken and maintain accurate editable records of all benefit time. Benefit time can be earned as a percentage of time worked or flat amounts. Both can vary by years of employment. Many parameterized options exist for each benefit Pay Code (e.g., as to when the earned benefit time becomes available to the employee)..

attendance tracking
Employee Attendance

Employee Attendance Point System 

If you use a point system, OmniTrakĀ® will automate it for you. Point systems identify staffing patterns and/or problems; penalty points can be given for particular events or deleted for specified good behavior patterns

benefit request
Employee Time-Off

Employee Vacation Request - Time Off

Employees have access to on-screen graphical scheduling at dedicated employee kiosks, or any workstation with access to the server on which TimeTrak resides. Employees may make requests to take benefit time such as vacation and comp time, review the status of requests pending, view current available hours and uncommitted hours (available less committed), and leave denied requests on hold pending a change in another employee's schedule
Employee InfoPlus

Employee Self Service

With a graphical view time card and easy to understand reports, the self-service portal has never been easier to use. Employees simply login to self-service and are immediately brought to their custom dashboard.

payroll export
Payroll Interfaces

Payroll Integration  

Why struggle with the manual data entry process? Our payroll interfaces will link your Time & Attendance solution to the payroll provider of your choice. Each payroll, simply export the payable hours and upload to your payroll system.

TimeTrak in the Cloud

Cloud Hosted Solution

The SaaS "Pay as You Go" monthly program fee includes unlimited use of your TimeTrak software - no concurrent user restrictions, and no additional monthly charges for history, time card review, employee self-service module, or hundreds of existing payroll interfaces, etc. 
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