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EssPortal Web Based Time Clock

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EssClient Application Based Time Clock 

Turns your network PC’s into sophisticated Employee Information Kiosks and remote time entry stations. It’s the ideal solution for LAN, WAN and Internet-based time data collection. The essPortal and essClient provides employees secure access to confidential information, including available benefit hours, paid hours-to-date, schedules, time cards data, as well as review of hours and attendance.

Employee Self-Service

InfoPlus - Employee Self-Service

TimeTrak's InfoPlus provides individual controls on what each employee can view and edit. Employees simply enter their ID number (and a PIN number for security if desired) to gain access to their personal time card, schedule and hours information. Time Cards can be generated as punches by employees or filled with daily scheduled hours or daily scheduled start and stop times - permitting employees to make any minor edits, if necessary, prior to submission of their worked hours. Editing controls permit maximum flexibility (e.g., an employee can be permitted to change a punch time, but not create or delete a punch time).

Empower Your Employees

Employees have access to on-screen graphical scheduling at dedicated employee kiosks, or any workstation with access to the server on which TimeTrak resides.

Employees may make requests to take Benefit Time such as vacation and comp time, review the status of requests pending, view current available hours and uncommitted hours (available less committed), and leave denied requests on hold pending a change in another employee's schedule. SchedTrak even permits employees to sell off benefit time..
SchedTrak Benefit Request
Employee Self-Service

Self-Service Features

With the Self-Service features available on the Model 900, employees can view their Time Card, Hours, Benefit Time and Schedule information from any time clock.

Employees can also scroll backwards to view prior periods hours, or upcoming future scheduled days. They can also view Benefit Time balances such as Vacation, Sick and Personal Time.
Features Overview
Features Overview
Browser-based Web Time Clock enables your staff to access the same user-configurable time clock functions you’ve come to expect from TimeTrak. Standard timekeeping functions such as IN, OUT and LUNCH are supported, along with a variety of labor transfer options.

Each function can have up to 9 levels of input, allowing for custom function in which employees specify the number of hours or date of the transaction.
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