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Labor Analytics & Reporting

To be competitive in today’s business world, real time access to labor data is more important than ever. The TimeTrak productivity suite offers companies of all sizes the ability to effectively manage day to day operations, as well as future plans and strategic directions.

Real time access to labor data is now affordable for every business regardless of size. You can rely on up to the minute information and details on employee activities to accurately assess progress toward goals. The TimeTrak software provides several choices of real time data collection terminals, solutions and software tools.

TimeTrak permits companies of all sizes to quickly analyze staffing levels and activities on the fly, allowing real time analysis to make necessary changes as the work day progresses. Unnecessary overtime can be prevented, while improving your bottom line. Critical real time labor data can be automatically provided to cost accounting, payroll, billing and business planning systems.
aca reporting
ACA Reports

ACA Reporting

Generate ACA (Affordable Care Act) Reports in seconds. You can selected the look back period, hour types, and reporting options. The report will list employees weekly, monthly or pay period hours.

The summary section will display their average hours for the period and specify if they meet full time or part time status

Labor Reports

Give supervisors the information they need, when they need it! Simply create a Trakit and place it on the dashboard. These "mini-reports" provide instant feedback on labor hours and exceptions.

Using the latest technology report writer from Microsoft the dashboard can present Graphs, Charts, Gauges, and much more. Decide what each user needs and place a Trakit on their dashboard.
labor report
Labor Analytics Report
Features Overview
Detailed Overview
Features Overview
  • Labor Distribution / Analytics
  • Exception Reports
  • Hours Analysis
  • Workmen's Compensation Reports
  • FMLA Tracking
  • ACA Reporting
  • Custom Reporting
Detailed Overview
The Labor Analytics module is a multi-purpose product, providing hundreds of ways to analyze your business. It serves as an hours and punch exception event recorder, a flexible reporting utility, and a human resource tool. With the Accrual Earnings Module option it will also accrue and maintain up-to-the-minute Benefit Time Balances

Workmen’s Compensation Reports and Unemployment Reports can be completed in minutes instead of days. In addition, absence hours due to Disability and FMLA can be tracked, maintained and reported. HisTrak® can even be structured to automatically accrue Overtime as Comp Time, and then automatically deduct it as the employee uses it.

As an HR Tool
With 30 user defined fields, companies can decide which data to maintain in the employee files; e.g. addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, skills, license plate numbers, disability status and return date, FMLA status and return date, pay rate history, etc. All thirty are selectable as sort criteria for any of the reports.

Use it to determine how many employees, now on disability, will be returning during the month. Quickly discover how many employees needed the new FMLA law, and how much time each took off. Or use it for something as simple as looking up the license plate number of that car in the parking lot with its headlights on, and find the employee who owns it. System capabilities are only limited by your setup and your imagination.

Editable Labor Hours and Exception History Are a Necessity, Not a Luxury
All Hours, Dollars, Units, Exceptions and Reason Codes maintained are editable, as well as the details of each. Occasionally, a supervisor may miss correcting an exception in TimeTrak that gets imported into history (e.g., an employee who was late to work but was legitimately picking up coffee for guests at the request of the supervisor). Without the ability to edit such occurrences, inaccurate information becomes embedded in the history and thus all information would become suspect and therefore useless (for any reporting or analysis purposes).

Labor Analytics maintains a complete editable record of both productive and non-productive Hours, Dollars and Units. Complete details include Date, Cost Center, Department, Job Class, Pay Code, Shift, Multiplication Factor, Rate, Amount, and Scheduled or Non-Scheduled Status.

Exception accumulators and editable detailed historical exceptions are automatically maintained. Exception detail includes Date, Type of Exception, Count, Amount of Time, Cost Center, Department, Job Class, and Reason Code.

Comprehensive and User-Configurable
All reports can be sent to multiple printers, viewed on-screen, sent to disk or even forwarded to printers attached to specific time clocks. Selectable sequencing and detail options provide hundreds of standard reports. These can be automated using Macros and Macro Lists. Paper saver options exist to provide even further control on how condensed or readable each report is. Custom reports are available as an option where cost effective.

Hours History Analysis Report
Probably the most flexible and extensive of the on-board reports, the Hours History Analysis Report provides labor hours information sequenced and filtered by any of the standard parameter fields maintained in the TimeTrak system — as well as any of the additional thirty user defined fields structured by your company. This report provides analysis of hours worked, overtime, jobs, departments, cost centers, shifts, etc. from any date, to any date, for any group, list of employees, or individual employee. Up-to-the-minute reports can be obtained by including current data from TimeTrak. In addition, select the “Total Hours” sort sequence and reports can be generated ranking employees, cost centers, departments, job classes, etc. by total hours in ascending or descending order.

Attendance & Absence Reporting
Creates reports showing employees with more (or fewer) than “X” continuous days. Or, from a different perspective, show employees with fewer than “X” absences over any selected range of time.

Exception Reporting
Obtain summaries or voluminous detail, from any date to any date. Or, something in between. Percentages permit you to compare employees, departments, job classes, or shifts against one another. Within this exception report you may also generate reports on Reason Codes, including percentages.

Benefit Comp Time Report
Select your starting month and year, then determine which of the following to include on the report: Comp Time, Exceptions, and/or Reason Codes. While many companies currently maintain this report, others do not because it is too time-consuming and often becomes inaccurate. But with HisTrak®, the Benefit Comp Time Report provides a year-at-a-glance summary for an employee in seconds, useful for review purposes.

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