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Mobile Time Clock

The Mobile Time Clock software turns your smartphone into a sophisticated time and data entry device.

​This solution gives a mobile connection to your TimeTrak system allowing your employees to use their Android or iPhone® to perform time clock operations whenever and wherever they need. Our mobile phone apps are designed to provide employees the functionality of a traditional time clock in the palm of their hands.

With or without access to cellular or Wi-Fi networks the mobile time clock app will continue to function in offline mode, storing information locally until data access is restored.


GPS Location 

The Android™ or iPhone® native apps have the ability to record the precise GPS location of the employee at the time of the punch.  This information is passed in to the Time and Attendance application for quick and easy review.

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Benefit Requests - Empower Your Employees

Using the TimeTrak's Mobile App employees may make requests to take Benefit Time such as vacation and comp time, review the status of requests pending, view current available hours and uncommitted hours (available less committed), and leave denied requests on hold pending a change in another employee's schedule. SchedTrak even permits employees to sell off benefit time..

InfoPlus - Self-Service Features

With the Self-Service features available on TimeTrak's Mobile App (ClocTrakMobile), employees can view their Time Card, Hours, Benefit Time and Schedule information.

Employees can also scroll backwards to view prior periods hours, or upcoming future scheduled days. They can also view Benefit Time balances such as Vacation, Sick and Personal Time.
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Flexible management

Workers in the field can punch in wherever they may be, and supervisors can monitor by geolocation where an employee punch transaction was made. Regardless of who is ‘on the road’ or out of the office, a mobile app can make it as easy to manage time and attendance 

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Employee self-service

For the off-premises employee, TimeTrak’s mobile app means employees can view their time-sheet and schedule from anywhere. Employees can check their balance of hours worked, their remaining paid time off entitlement or level of sick absence taken to date. TimeTrak’s mobile app gives the workforce the information they want, when they want it, and wherever they want it.

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Utilizing TimeTrak's mobile app means that time and attendance information is more likely to be entered in a timely fashion, and be more accurate. This in turn leads to fewer errors due to automatic calculation of payroll 

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