essTouch + Fingerprint
essTouch Series Time Clock Terminal

 essTouch Series Fingerprint Time Clock

Advanced Function, Biometric, Fingerprint, Camera, Touchscreen
TimeTrak’s essTouch Smart Terminal offers the latest in Employee Self-Service and Time and Attendance data collection benefits, through its bright, 7″ graphical touch-screen user interface. Plus, each unit is equipped with an integrated digital camera for capturing pictures, providing passive bio-metric validation for increased accountability. For businesses with more advanced validation requirements, the essTouch support both RFID badge and bio-metric fingerprint readers. No matter your environment, the essTouch series provides a perfect balance of performance, flexibility, and accountability.

The integrated digital camera eliminates the headaches sometimes associated with fingerprint terminals. Occasionally employees cannot punch using a traditional fingerprint time clock due to work environment conditions. The integrated digital camera ensures that ALL employees can punch even if fingerprint validation fails.  The clock will simply take a photograph of the user after the 3rd  failed attempt and accept the punch. These transactions are flagged as an exception for review within the software, and the photo is visible alongside the punch on the employee’s time card.

essTouch Fingerprint Main Display

Employee's can preform daily clock and job costing functions from the essTouch Series  as well as accessing employee self-service feature on the clock. 

essTouch main display
essTouch Main Display
essTouch employee hours
essTouch Employee Hours Display

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Self-Service Features

With the Self-Service features available on the Model 900, employees can view their Time Card, Hours, Benefit Time and Schedule information from any time clock.

Employees can also scroll backwards to view prior periods hours, or upcoming future scheduled days. They can also view Benefit Time balances such as Vacation, Sick and Personal Time.
employees time card display
essTouch Employee Time Card Display
Features Overview
Technical Specifications
Other Information
Features Overview
  • 8-User Defined Function Keys with Multiple Levels of Input
  • Durable & Reliable ABS Construction for Long Life
  • Vivid Color TFT Screen with Intuitive Graphical Interface
  • Multi-Factor Transaction Authentication Options: Card, PIN or Password
  • Integrated 125KHz RFID / Optional HID Prox Reader
  • Built-In Contact Relay for Opening Doors or Ringing Bells (incl. Internal Bell Schedule Support)
  • Employee Lookup of Time Punches / Hours, Schedules & More
  • Convenient Off-Line USB Punch Transfer Utility 
  • Optional POE Ethernet Adapter & UPS / Battery Backup Power Module
Technical Specifications
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.5” x 6” x 2” (approx. 3 lbs)
  • DISPLAY: Color TFT; 2 Color LED Indicator (red, green)
  • MEMORY / CAPACITY: Each Unit Stores Up To 1,500 Templates & 30,000 Transactions
  • COMMUNICATION: TCP/IP (Ethernet) with Available USB Port for Punch Data Transfer to Portable Drive
  • SUPPORTED BADGE / ID TYPES: PIN, Prox-125 or Optional HID Prox; Opt. External Reader Support
  • STANDARD FUNCTIONS: Auto Daylight Savings & Time/Date Synchronization via Network
  • OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: 32F to 110F degrees; Humidity 20 - 80% Non-Condensing
  • POWER : Power Supply - 12 volt DC @ 1.5A
Other Information
  • Reader / Input: Badge (Proximity)
  • ess – Employee Self-Service: Yes
  • Cloud Capable: Yes
  • Communication: Ethernet POE (Power Over Ethernet) – Optional
  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Reader / Input: Keypad
  • Communication: Wi-Fi
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