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    •  Easy to install and use
    •  Reduces payroll processing time
    •  Stops employee time theft
    •  Intuitive time & attendance software
    • Benefit accrual tracking
    • A truly paperless system

Powerful & easy to use interface

Instant real-time insight to effectively manage your company’s time and attendance data virtually anywhere

Collect time data fast & accurately

The TimeTrak productivity suite helps you by automating your employee scheduling, time clock data collection, daily exceptions, payable hours, review, editing, and approval processes to facilitate a quick and reliable transfer to the payroll provider of your choice. 

Export data seamlessly into all payroll

Why struggle with the manual data entry process? Our payroll interfaces will link your Time & Attendance solution to the payroll provider of your choice. Each payroll, simply export the payable hours and upload to your payroll system.

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